About Us

It all began with a question or, to be more accurate, a moment of realisation! I couldn’t pronounce over half the names on the back of a pack of dog treats I was about to buy for my dog.  They were beef dog treats but only contained 4% meat!! Something, somewhere didn’t feel right.

I’ve always owned dogs, well, since the age of three.  My first dog was Dougal, (named after Dougal on the Magic Roundabout), a red Pekingese and quite a character.  The day I met him is one of my earliest memories.  I remember coming down the stairs one Christmas morning, opening the door to the kitchen and seeing a bundle of fluff running towards me.  It was at that precise moment that my love affair with dogs began.

Over the years we had different sorts of dogs and for a long period of time we showed Afghan Hounds, truly beautiful and eccentric dogs.  Contrary to popular belief, Afghans are not unintelligent, in fact they quite bright, it’s just they will do things when they want to and not before. 

Anyway, I digress; I have always known that a dog’s diet is important; this was particularly so when taking dogs to shows as they needed to be at their best.  This awareness remained with me but I can honestly say I didn’t really apply it to their treats, after all they were just dog treats...right?  It wasn’t until the day I picked up a pack of dog treats, as I had done so often in the past, and actually read the list of ingredients. This was my realisation moment. So I sat down with a cup of tea, as you do, and decided what could be done.  Over the next few weeks I read, researched and talked to local food providers here in the Isle of Man, trying to get a better understanding of what a dog treat should contain.  I experimented with various recipes starting with cheese.  There were two reasons for this: 99% of all dogs I know love cheese, including the wonderfully delicious Mature Cheddar (a personal favourite of mine).  Once I had perfected this treat and tested it on a host of dogs, having of course tested on a host of people beforehand, I moved on to my next recipe until I had developed a range.  The most important thing for me beside the flavour, texture and smell was to ensure there were no additives, preservatives, added salt or sugar and that all the ingredients were proper foods sourced locally where possible.  

So in 2011 Doggielicious was born and our first event was at the Isle of Man Farmers’ Market on a cold and crisp morning. The rest, as they say, is history.  I really do hope your dog enjoys the gourmet treats we have to offer.

Happy Munching and best wishes.



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