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DERMagic Organic Skin Care Range for Dogs
There is nothing worse than a miserable dog so at last with DERMagic skin care range there is relief from your dog’s skin problems… Severe dog itching, skin allergies, mange, black skin disease and hair loss, hot spots, dandruff or seborrhea, cuts and sores and other secondary dog skin problems resulting from flea or mite allergies and even trauma – these conditions are miserable for your dog, and for you. Until now, it’s been difficult to treat these common problems without steroids, ant..
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Hot Spots on Dogs: Causes and Treatment
Hot Spots or Wet/Moist Eczema are a very common skin problem in dogs.  In the veterinary field its called Pyoderma which translates as pus or infection of the skin. This condition is more common in dogs than in other animals but can occur in any species. Golden Retrievers are the most common breed of dog with this condition…..though why is a mystery ! The appearance is an area of skin that is extremely red and inflamed. The area is itchy and the pet is usually scratching at the affec..
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