H2FidO Dog Travel Bowls and Bottle - Whippet Be Good

H2FidO Dog Travel Bowls and Bottle - Whippet Be Good
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H2FidO - Whippet be good design is a sleek new take on the travelling hydration system for your dog on the go.  The H2FidO pack contains a collapsible bottle and bowls combo that does not add any bulk to your bag!

Whenever you need to use them, simply fill the bottle with water and pour into one of the bowls and let your beloved pet cool off in the hot summer.

After you have used them simply flatten them out and they become almost weighless. A strong carabineer holds onto the 590ml bottle, which has a sports cap, and the two dog bowls so that you don’t misplace them.

Since the bowls can be sealed they can be also be used to hold food.

H2FidO is an attractive option for people with dogs and will make a great gift for all dog owners. In all seriousness dog hydration is an overlooked problem so be sure to check with your vet on how much water your dog should be getting each day.

Made from:

H2FidO is made from BPA-free recyclable plastic and is available in various patterns. A pack includes 1 bottle and 2 bowls.

Cleaning Instructions:
Hand wash with a little dish soap and water. Rinse thoroughly and for bottles, leave open to air dry and for bowls, air dry upside down. When dry, press flat for easy and compact storage.


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