Padded Leather Half Check Collars

Padded Leather Half Check Collars
Padded Leather Half Check Collars Padded Leather Half Check Collars Padded Leather Half Check Collars
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These designer leather padded half check dog collars offer a wonderfully modern twist to a classic collar with a wonderful selection of colours to choose from.  The half check collars are a great choice for the dog owner that wants a stylish collar with a little more control than a standard collar.  When not attached to a lead the collar just sits loosely around your dog’s neck however when attached it tightens slightly if the dog pulls.  This not only provides greater control over your dog but is also a good training collar.


We require the EXACT CIRCUMFERENCE of your dog's neck where the collar is going to sit NOT the total length of the collar you require. Please do not place your fingers under the tape as it is the exact measurement we require.

How it works

If your dog neck measures say exactly 15 inches then 2 inches will take off this measurement for the leather part of the collar.  Approximately 4 inches of chain will be attached. This means that when fully open, to get over your dog's head, the collar will fully extend to about 18 inches - 13 inches of leather, 4 inches of chain and about 1 inch provided by the rings at the end of the chain (attached to collar).  Conversely when your dog is on the lead and the collar is pulled tight the rings will not be able to meet and the total neck size will be made up of 13 inches of leather, an inch of rings and about 1 inch of chain.
These collars will hang a little bit loose when off the lead.  This is normal because they are non-adjustable and need to be big enough to get over the ears as well as fitting round your dog's neck.

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