Our Ingredients

One of our founding principles is sourcing the best ingredients possible and, in the process, support local producers.  Here is a detailed look at just four of the ingredients we use:

English Organic Flour

We are proud to use English Organic flour.  All the wheat milled is grown here in the UK by the local famers.

Mature Cheddar

We use a firm bodied and full-flavoured mature cheddar.  The fact that it is matured for at least 12 months just adds to it taste.

Cheshire Free Range Eggs

Our eggs come from two farms that are both a couple of miles from us.  Here the hens have plenty of room to run around the fields and shelter in their coup if they want to.  All this and more contributes to their health, well-being and ultimately the taste of the eggs produced. 

None of our treats contain:

  • Preservatives
  • Additives
  • Artificial colourings (we use beetroot for pink, curcumin for yellow, carotene & annatto for orange, carob for brown, yoghurt for cream and Chlorophyllin for green.  There are currently no natural blue colourings on the market which either gives a true blue and/or is not harmful to dogs). None of our colours flavour the ingredients.
  • Added salt or sugar

We do not use chocolate to decorate our treats, which is a complete no, no.

Instead we use Carob which is completely safe for dogs as it does not contain cocoa or theobromine.